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March 8, 2011
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Mommy and Daughter by evilrabbit123 Mommy and Daughter by evilrabbit123
I already drew a pic of Qaz and Sweetpea. So I felt it was only appropriate to draw Sweetpea with Devilina too. :nod:

Sweetpea really admires her mother and does her best imitating Devilina. She uses Devilina as her model of how a woman should dress and behave. And this she does just because she loves her mommy very much. :aww:

Devilina on the other hand is not entirely sure of how to react in Sweetpea's admiration. Of course she is happy that Sweetpea appreciates her so much but she also feels a bit unsure if she is a suitable role model for an innocent little girl...

It is a bit hard to be both a soulless monster and a mother. But it seems that she has done something right because Sweetpea admires her so. :hug:

And isn't being a parent about giving your child a better life than what you have had and to help her to avoid the mistakes you have made? :)

Sweetpea and Devilina (c) :iconmickeymonster:
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Aron-361 Mar 14, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well Devilina should be proud of herself! :) And as long as she can teach Sweetpea to not make the same mistakes as her then there's no harm done! :D

I like the coffin designs in the back ground. And Devilina's outfit too! ;)
She is trying really hard to teach Sweetpea what is wise to do and what isn't. :nod:

I had fun designing those vampire coffins. ^^

For some reasong you like every revealing outfit Devilina wears... :XD:
TehEmmatureDoodlebug Mar 11, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Awww, thats so adorable!! :aww:

Hey, at least Devilina is being responsible enough to realise that she's not a conventional role model for young Sweetpea. She could always use that knowledge to teach her how to be a model citizen XD

This is cute :) I love the mother/daughter like relationship you've portrayed here
Thank you a lot, Emma! :D

Yes, but Sweetpea isn't your average innocent little girl either. Devilina will do her best to teach Sweetpea how to be a good and responsible person. That and how to seduce men to drink their blood too. :XD:

It just felt suitable for this pic. Thank you again. :hug:
Graet pic! :wow:

Needs moer faves!
Glad to hear you think so. :hug:
Yuo aer welcome!
FlintEXP Mar 8, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
LOL cute and all that. Nice job, Devilina is as sexy as usual.
Yeah, she is cute when she imitates her mommy. :aww:

Isn't she always. Devilina is one hot mama. :XD:
FlintEXP Mar 9, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
You are so right about that.
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